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What insurance should Biotechnology and Life Science companies have?

The rapid pace of change in the biotechnology and life science industry requires Insurance solutions that can address the myriad of developing and emerging risks to loss, reputation, ethics and legal liability.

Our Team has experience in managing the complex and unique needs of this sector across:

  • Pharmaceuitical Companies;
  • Laboratories & Pathology;
  • Medical Device Companies;
  • Research & Development Companies;
  • Human Clinical Trials;
  • Medical Consultants;
  • eHealth and Software-as-a-Medical-Service (SAAMS)

Insurance solutions for Biotechnology and Life Science Companies will provide policy coverage for legal defence costs and any and all amounts owed as compensation arising from the advice and services of the Insured Company. Compensation for clinical trials will traditionally be written on a no-fault-compensation basis.
Where a physical product or application exists products liability will encompass the manufacturers risks including design error, omissions and general product recall expenses.

  • Civil & Legal Liabilities
  • Legal Defence Costs
  • Products Liabilities and Recall Expenses
  • Marine / Transit
  • General Property
  • Malpractice

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