Start Up Insurance

Here at Modern Risk Solutions we are passionate about supporting Australian start ups and also the ecosystems that support them. We believe that without risk there can be no progress. Embracing greater levels of risk in a sustainable and managed way is a crucial element to achieving the long-term vision and aspirations for a start up business.

Modern Risk Solutions is here to help! With our Insurance solutions we assist start up companies springboard to scale, growth and investment quicker. 

  • Understanding your corporate structure, model, vision and sharing your passion;
  • Managing Insurance pricing and bespoke cover;
  • Saving you from business down time and the unnecessary burden of paperwork;
  • Getting you “risk ready” for current (seed) and future Investors (Series A).
Start up
Start-up insurers

When you start a business you have a lot of risks in a different variety of areas from the management team, technical, market, financing and operations. As you de-risk these one-by-one you make a deal more attractive for potential investors. Ensuring that your company and the executive, non-executive and de-facto management team have the appropriate Insurance cover in place is an imperative.

The ability to have your legal costs covered and your business withstand litigation or any other unforseen loss is crucial to having a sustainable business model.

  • IT Liability Insurance (Professional Indemnity and Public Liability)
  • Management Liability (Directors & Officers Insurance)
  • Business Packaged Risks (Property, Glass, Money, Theft and Interruption)
  • Cyber Liability Insurance (cover for E-threats and any malicious injury to the business electronically)
  • Worldwide Corporate Travel (for those trips to pitch at the Valley).

The key to covering all these areas is our access to local and overseas insurance markets. We pride ourselves on our ability to constantly update our knowledge of product quality, features and availability. Above all, we have set a standard of service that is appreciated from our smallest to largest client.

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