Getting Insured

Know Our Process

Insurance is a complex business. Not all policies and Insurers are the same. Terms, conditions and claims experiences can differ significantly. The Modern Risk Solutions team works very hard to simplify the overall process for our clients to ensure a successful outcome is achieved. We value your time and do this with the least amount of hassle or interruption to you or your business. Our process ALWAYS puts the client’s needs first and foremost. We take the time to understand your business by addressing the key risks that can jeopardise your business continuity and success. We also pay close attention to your budget and where you are along the business life cycle and journey. Our value is demonstrated to you by connecting your business risks to the relevant policies at a price point acceptable to both you and the Insurer. Our Company has access to over 200 Insurers and Underwriting Agencies both locally and abroad. We advocate for our clients all the way from policy placement to managing the claim in the event of loss or legal liability.

Know Our Process


All relationships are built on trust. We commit to being open, transparent and responsive. In return, we expect the same from our clients. As part of the acquisition of Insurance we will extract detailed information from you, approach the Insurance market and then make formal recommendations on the most suitable Insurance for you or your business so you can make an informed decision. Our interactions can be remote or face to face and we will work within your schedule and availability as your time is precious.




Step 1 - Understand Your Business

We will learn about your business needs and capture key disclosures and risk Information from You.

Who we are

Step 2 – Present your Risks to the Insurance Market;

We will navigate the Insurance market and present your risks and business to Insurers in a format acceptable to them to negotiate Quoted terms.

Business Planning

Step 3 – Report and Recommend;

We will report to you the Quoted terms received, provide advice and make formal recommendations so you can make an informed decision. Once you accept a Quote, we then issue the Tax Invoice for payment followed by policy documentation and certificates.

We'll Make Your Success Our Goal