Peer To Peer Business Model

Peer to Peer Business Model

A unique business model that was peer to peer for general domestic tasks required the independent contractor taskers to be covered when providing services in the unlikely event of a loss or liability during the task;

The solution involved consultation with our client with respect to a Liability Insurance Policy designed by us (not the Insurer) by understanding the business model, user experience and user interface and customizing an Insurance solution that was friction-less and would add-value to the overall customer outcome within the business technology process flow (including supporting user retention against offline channels);

The outcome was a customized Liability Insurance Policy solution that was sufficiently priced and designed to meet the needs of our client and also the Insurer partner. Pleasingly since the inception of the original Insurance solution in 2013 the client has been scaling up and achieving their growth goals and has fostered a great relationship with the Insurer in a true tripartite relationship benefitting all concerned.

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