About Us


Modern Risk Solutions

At it’s core, Modern Risk Solutions believes that individuals and businesses in the absence of fear, risk and uncertainty, through our products and services, can do amazing things to secure their future success.

Without risk there can be no progress. The value and true purpose of our business is in our ability to act not just as a safety net, but as a spring-board.

We give confidence to our clients to aggressively grow. To push boundaries and innovate. To take their business to new heights and exceed their own perceived limitations.

Strength When You Need It

Via our partner PSC, Modern Risk Solutions is part of the Steadfast Broker Network.

The broker network generated $6.1 billion in insurance sales FY19. Steadfast provides us with enormous buying power, flexibility and influence when negotiating with insurers. Steadfast’s strength and size gives us the ability to offer access to a broad choice of insurance products, exclusively built policies at a competitive price and a unique claims escalation process.

Our Amazing Team


In the midst of a crisis involving loss or legal liability – Modern Risk Solutions stands resolute. We advocate for the interests of our clients with their Insurers. We stand committed to our clients during the entire claims process.


Long term relationships are built on the foundation of trust. Modern Risk Solutions commits to being open, honest and transparent with our clients. We expect the same in return. This fosters a healthy working relationship where expectations are met (and exceeded) and outcomes are beneficial for all.


Your time is precious and your business cannot afford unnecessary distractions. Modern Risk Solutions has a sense of urgency with all our clients underpinned by a commitment to be responsive, accessible and proactive in the services we provide.

Why We Are Different?

Highly Experienced Team

(Avg 15+ years experience for multinationals)

Represent Client When Claiming (Advocacy)

Personalised Service

Payment Plans/Flexibility (Monthly)

Prestiguous Australian clients

Retain Over 95% Of Clients (Loyality)

What Our Customers Say About Us

"Modern Risk Solutions has been extremely proactive and helpful in creating highly innovative insurance solutions which have been a critical part of Airtasker's sharing economy journey."
"Modern Risk Solutions was able to deliver our team with the perfect solution even with our complex needs. It was a pain free process that generated the result we were after. Thanks Geoff and Mike!"
"We have been working with Geoff and Mike from Modern Risk Solutions for the last couple of years and found them to be excellent. They have an in depth technical knowledge of policies and helped us and our clients source cover to protect them. I would, and do, recommend them to anyone starting or running a business to protect them and their business."
"Geoff and Mike really impressed me with their innovative thinking and ability to find a solution that was tailor-made to fit my exact requirements. It was apparent from the start that they were passionate about providing service and solutions above and beyond a customers expectations."
We've been working with Geoff and the MRS team since we launched our company back in 2017. I cannot recommend them more highly. Different wouldn't be where it is today if it weren't for Geoff and his team. The creativity, tenacity and professionalism we see from MRS day in and day out, is just fantastic. Anyone who is doing anything creative in tech and needs an insurance solution should reach out to the team.
Geoff and his Team have been an extraordinary help to us at Paperform. As a fast growing global SaaS Tech company, navigating and securing the right insurance policies seemed an intimidating task. Modern Risk Solutions walked us through each step from assessment to payment with each policy. Their due diligence in securing the right policies for us was particularly invaluable, and they didn't shy away from difficult questions. I've often had the experience of companies offering solutions without being willing to properly advise on the best course of action. Geoff's Team gave clear advice on the best choices to make for our very particular industry - they know it inside out. Highly recommended.

We'll Make Your Success Our Goal